My name is Michaela Sapielak and I am a recent history honours graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley. My love of Canadian history has made it the focus of my studies, and during my time at the university, I developed a particular interest in subjects relating to Canadian social history and political biography. I am looking to further my knowledge in both MA and PhD programs, and look forward to sharing my experiences with you through this portfolio.

I currently work as a residential designer, producing drawings for custom homes and renovations for clients all over North America. I love reading and enjoying the outdoors and try to do as much of the two as possible when I’m not working or studying. I am passionate about the environment, but I also love experiencing as many cultures as possible, both within Canada and internationally. My most recent travels brought me to Scotland, where I completed a semester abroad at the University of Aberdeen. I met some truly wonderful people and can’t wait to go on whatever adventures my life and career bring to me.